Inside The Celadon Trucking Group

Celadon Trucking is part of the Celadon Group Inc. that provides logistics solutions via OTR long-haul and regional FTL freight service across North America.

Their freight management division is known as Celadon Logistics Services and they are a leader in turn-key freight management services, less than truckload transport and supply chain management.

With over 25,000 member fleets accounting for more than 550,000 trucks on the road, Celadon continues to grow their business across the US.

With Celadon Dedicated trucking services, your business can rely on cost management, market fluctuations analysis so you have the best knowledge on your goods while they are in transport. Your business can get a competitive advantage in the marketplace anywhere in North America.

Celadon Trucking Company History

celadon trucking

Celadon was founded in 1985 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Serving as the largest transportation & logistics company in the United States they have over 100k trips across the border each year with a clear expertise in long haul transports. As the company continues to grow through mergers and acquisitions, they are constantly increasing their offerings for freight services. There most recent growth sector is in refrigerated transportation.

Their regional segment continues to be the driving force for the companies growth. With their traditional regional service coverage, they have several hubs spread throughout North America to deliver your long or short haul shipments on time and safely. With local experts in each region, their experience allows Celadon to optimize routing for deliveries, lower overhead cost and increase efficiency for our drivers.

Celadon Was Recognized As 2013’s Leading Refrigerated Trucking Company

The Temperature Controlled transportation sector has seen a dramatic rise over the past 2 decades. Celadon serves as the nation’s largest refrigerated trucking company and are a leader in temperature controlled technologies. This allows the company to remotely monitor temperatures, fuel consumption and GPS locations. This is a full service turn-key solution for temperature controlled transport and allows the trucker driver to tend to driving and leave the operations to.

With over 300 refrigerated trucks on the road, Celadon Trucking & Transport can deliver your time sensitive goods anywhere in North America in the latest insulation technologies.

Freight Solutions For Companies With Smaller Trucking Fleets.

The company is also a partner in the TruckersB2B group. They use their size to pass down cost savings to smaller sized trucking companies on all required equipment to keep a fleet running smoothly like fuel, tires and maintenance repairs.
Safety is one of the companies top priorities. They have been honored with the National Fleet Safety Award several times over the past decade. Fleet management is an integral part of their safety process and their average truck age is 5 years ahead of the rest of the industry at 2 years. Combined with cutting edge fuel technologies and GPS management, Celadon provides their drivers with the best tools and materials to succeed.